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John Scott

July 9, 2013

Three helpful tips for mobile users when your site is not so mobile-friendly

With a growing number of mobile devices accessing websites on the Sunshine Coast, so many small and medium sized businesses don’t have a website that is mobile device friendly.

If you fall into this category and you don’t feel like you have the time or budget to put into re-designing your site, here are three simple things that you or your web developer can do to help your mobile users get the best parts out of your website.

  1. Click-To-Call Links
    Set up click-to-call contact number links to help your users get you on the phone quickly and easily.  Add the href=”tel:” scheme to your phone numbers and let your visitors dial your phone number by clicking on the link.
    Example: <a href=”tel:555-555-1212″>Phone Me</a>
  2. Large CTAs
    When proper scaling doesn’t occur on mobile devices it can sometimes be difficult for users to click on the little, tiny link that gets them into the funnel where you can turn them from visitor to customer.  Whenever you are prompting your users with a Call To Action (CTA) make sure those links (images, or text) are larger than normal so those links are thumb-friendly.
  3. Bigger Fonts

    Some websites have ridiculously small fonts…not just in the footers.  If you are not in the position where you can re-vamp your entire website for a true mobile-friendly layout, then you can at least bump up your font sizes a few extra pixels.  It might mean having your web developer adjust some of your style sheets, but your mobile users will appreciate those hard-to-click links because the link surface is so small.


If you have any questions about getting your site ready for mobile users or some other ideas on how to make your website more aesthetic on smart phones and iPads, please feel free to contact John here